Disarming The Atom Bomb

Disarming The Atom Bomb is a short collection of poetry with one central idea: how I dealt with losing my family. It is a story that is told from beginning to end through poetry. You will be put right into the middle of my life with a wife and three children. You will be pulled back and forth through past and present to experience some of my saddest regrets. You will see the darkness and despair in me as I go deeper into myself. Fear and anger will be your guide as you move through these pages, until finally you reach the end: the ticking atom bomb in me, waiting to explode.

Yet, it is only a singular hope that saves me. It prevents my atom bomb from going off.

It is the chance to change me, as only I have the power to do that.

Only I can disarm the atom bomb in me.

Hopefully this book can help you find a way to disarm the atom bomb in you too.

Disarming The Atom Bomb

Disarming The Atom Bomb

This book is dedicated to the
people who
like they are a ticking atom bomb
waiting to explode.

is just as much in you
as is your personal
atom bomb.